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Thrilled to bring you Alexis Garrod. She’s a Level 2-Certified CrossFit Coach, experienced personal trainer & partner at CrossFit Potrero Hill.

Many people begin a dedicated fitness journey to get in shape for their wedding and honeymoon. Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, fit into the dream dress or tailored suit, and of course feel fit and confident in a swimsuit on the beach in Mexico.

Hashtags like #sweatingforthewedding may be something of a cliché, but as Alexis and I discuss, this time in your life is actually an amazing opportunity to instill positive habits and improve your fitness going forward.

Among other things, we discuss CrossFit; how to customize your fitness plan depending on how much time you have left before the big day; diet; a wedding handstand contest; women’s FAQ’s about weightlifting; the Master Cleanse; motivation; social media etiquette; measuring your progress; how to burn calories just by living; and what Alexis does when she wants to get that “salty, crunchy feeling.”

Mentioned in this episode:

Photos below: Alexis in the studio after out podcast conversation; Alexis showing how it’s done as a bridesmaid at a wedding and during a CrossFit open workout; the handstand contest my wife and I staged at our wedding (which my wife won).

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