Proposal Photographer San Francisco

It’s 2018 people. Let’s be real. It would be a shame to not book a proposal photographer San Francisco to capture the moment. After all, we document everything these days. Even the most mundane moments: our food, our coffee, our pets. If you are planning a surprise proposal in San Francisco, it’s going to be an experience that you and your fianceé will recount to friends for years to come.

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Planning your surprise proposal

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous quote: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” In most cases of a surprise proposal, it’s a man proposing to his partner. After interviewing hundreds of couples about their proposal stories, I can tell you for a fact: our partners, whether women or men, tend to have a sixth sense when the proposal is coming. Even if you haven’t been shopping for the ring together, usually something will tip them off. In fact, most proposals involve something out of the ordinary – whether a special trip, an indulgent meal, an unconventional day. I speak from experience. My own surprise proposal was almost derailed by a meticulous airport search.

I’ve learned a lot from my work as a San Francisco wedding photographer. I’ve photographed over 1,000 couples. Careful planning is always the key to success. That’s why I spend a great deal of time coordinating with my surprise proposal clients. To prepare for your big moment, we will discuss the following:

  • The most picturesque location that will inspire you and your fiancée
  • The best time of day or night to pop the question at that spot (this is especially important if we’re trying to plan for a sunset surprise proposal)
  • Logistics of parking and arriving at the location
  • Protocol for communication and last-minute adjustments
  • My location at the site and how I will be disguised
  • The spot of the proposal, and your orientation relative to me and one another
  • Potential hazards and contingency plans
  • The full itinerary for our session

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Proposal Photographer San Francisco – Locations

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make for your surprise proposal is where to pop the question. I would break proposal spots down into four categories (not necessarily mutually exclusive):

  1. “A Meaningful Place” – this can be any location that holds special meaning for you as a couple. Perhaps it’s somewhere that you like to go together. Maybe it’s the restaurant where you had your first date. Or the spot of your first kiss. A proposal at such a spot is sure to have maximum romantic impact.
  2. “Iconic San Francisco” – this can be any iconic San Francisco landmark, including but not limited to the Golden Gate Bridge, Palace of Fine Arts, Embarcadero, Legion of Honor, Sutro Baths, Union Square, Conservatory of Flowers, etc.
  3. “Urban” – I’m talking about locations like busy city streets, colorful urban backdrops, city views.
  4. “Organic” – Parks. Woods. Beaches. Hidden trails. Anything with nature.

There are some locations that span multiple categories. For example, getting engaged at Baker Beach checks multiple boxes. This is obviously a beach and a place of beautiful nature, but it also offers a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Much like Sutro Baths, Baker Beach is one of the best spots from which to catch an elusive and gorgeous San Francisco sunset.

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Proposal Photographer San Francisco – What You Get

I understand the gravity and importance of your surprise proposal. That’s why, in addition to the coordination and planning described above, here’s what you get when you hire Sasha to be your San Francisco proposal photographer.

  • 24/7 responsiveness and support by email and text

  • Maximum flexibility in rescheduling due to weather or unexpected circumstances

  • Early arrival at the proposal site (I am ALWAYS early)

  • Edited high resolution images from your session

  • Private, mobile-friendly gallery

  • Easy digital download

  • Bonus graphic design work to overlay text on your favorite images for save the dates

  • TOTAL discretion about your plans – before and after. I will not share any images or information regarding your session without your explicit written permission.

So don’t hesitate. Contact me today to be your proposal photographer San Francisco!sutro baths proposal sutro baths proposal proposal photographer san francisco