same sex wedding san francisco city hall

A Family.

Gay Wedding San Francisco City Hall As I sat down to Thanksgiving dinner with my family, I felt incredible gratitude about what has transpired in California this year. It has been amazing to see same sex parents finally get recognition and equal rights. It has been a long and hard fight for marriage equality. Since…

indian wedding sunset

Vizcaya Sacramento Wedding | Jazz + Dominic

Vizcaya Sacramento Wedding Jazz and Dominic invited me to capture their Vizcaya Sacramento¬†wedding, which was actually a two-day affair. The first day was more solemn and traditional. Jazz and the bridesmaids woke up super early in the morning (2:30AM, by some accounts) in order to finish their preparations on time. This kind of preparation is…

mandarin-oriental san francisco wedding


Scott and Ngoc enjoyed their first look on the terrace of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in San Francisco. This wedding moment was truly incredible – a sunset, a young love, a gorgeous couple, and the vastness of San Francisco spread out below them. It truly felt meant to be, the way it all came together.

villa montalvo wedding

Villa Montalvo Wedding in Saratoga | Shari + Ben

The road to Villa Montalvo winds through leafy turns and past beautiful, stately houses. Driving up this road is like listening to an overture. Reaching the end of the road on this warm August day, I arrived at Villa Montalvo, to find the tables set, and the chuppah gently fluttering in the warm breeze. There’s…